Kebec's Cockers

breeders of champions black, ascob and parti american cocker spaniels.

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  • November 2012
    - Madame is traveling in the Caribbean... San Juan Winner, Puerto Rico Champion and CACIB Winner
  • September 2012
    - Pierre judge a Cocker Specialty in Ontario, Canada
  • March 2012
    - DOT is Grand Champion in USA and SMYRNA is AKC CHAMPION
  • February 2012
    - DOT goes to Westsminster!
  • January 2012
    - DOT: ASC Flushing Show AWARD OF MERIT
    - Canine Review Article
  • December 2011
    - DOT: AKC/Eukanuba Award of Excellence
    - Specialty Best of Variety in Orlando
    • CH. Kebec's Madame La Présidente
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About us

The name KEBEC'S (since 1984) is permanently registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) by Pierre Talbot & Jean A. Delisle. We are exclusively breeders of cocker spaniels (or american cocker spaniels - same dogs just called differently depending on where you are from). We are members of the American Cocker Spaniel Club We are also members of the CKC , and Founding members of the Quebec Spaniel Club. We are located near Montreal, Canada.

Our american cocker spaniels are our pride and joy; they are tested for good disposition and health (OFA, Eyes, Brucellosis) before being chosen to breed. We bred for the love these  cocker spaniels give us. Temperament, health and conformation are of the utmost importance. It is not the quantity but the quality!


And if you are nostalgic of the beautiful Flash animation to our website (including some older images of our cocker spaniels) , this link is provided for your viewing pleasure.

You can also view our very first Flash animation which was done in 2002.